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18 Tweets That Are Oh-So Relatable If You’re An Adult With Divorced Parents At Christmas

Two turkeys, two sets of presents, two long days and a whole lot of travelling in between. This is Christmas if you’re an adult with divorced parents. And it’s challenging, to put it politely.

Even if you’re part of the most amazing blended family – with an extended clan of step parents and siblings you wouldn’t change for the world – there’s only so much Chris Rea one person wants to listen to while they’re driving home for Christmas 2.0.

The chaos extends even further if you’ve got a partner with their own family (or two) to contend with, leaving you in need of a holiday when you sign back on for work in the new year.

In these situations you can only laugh, which is why it’s oh-so-cathartic to see other people talking about their non-conventional, multi-family Christmases on Twitter.

We all know it’s busy…

And it’s so damn expensive.

You’ve got to be organised. So, so organised.

And you’ll get used to negotiating two (or more) totally different ways of doing Christmas.

You won’t want to see another turkey until next December.

Jokes aside, there can still be some tricky feelings and logistics to navigate.

But hey, at least you double the chance of getting what you want for Christmas.

And we LOVE hearing the stories of families who make it work.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. And if you’re driving down the motorway for your second Christmas on Boxing Day, godspeed!

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