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300,000 people will have their bills reduced by £400 thanks to the new energy plan

Households will get £400 off their bills thanks to a new government energy scheme. which was released last week. More than 300,000 households will receive help to reduce their bills as part of the new plan.

The Great British Insulation Plan will see the Government spend £1bn on grants for homes that have low energy efficiency ratings and are in lower council tax bands. It comes as the government provides grants to households to help improve their energy efficiency in the UK.

You may be able to get free or cheaper insulation to reduce your home’s energy bills. Energy security secretary Claire Coutinho said the Government was “determined to help families keep their homes warm during the winter months and save on their energy costs”.

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He added: “Our Great British Isolation Plan will help hundreds of thousands of people, including some of the most vulnerable in society, get the improvements their homes need while reducing their energy bills.” You may be eligible for help if your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) D to G and is in council tax bands AD in England or AE in Scotland or Wales.

You can be a landlord, landlord or tenant (whether renting privately or from a housing association). If you are a renter, talk to your landlord before applying. You will need his permission before you can install any insulation. You may be able to get help installing cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation (internal or external) or loft insulation, as well as flat or pitched roof insulation, floor insulation and solid floor insulation.

Other reasons you may be entitled include insulation of houses in parks and insulation of rooms on the roof. You’ll need the total household income, the type of benefits anyone living in the property receives; You may be eligible to receive additional support and your email address or phone number so your energy provider can contact you if you are eligible to apply.

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