3,933 MW to be added to national grid system by June 2021

ISLAMABAD – An addition of 3,933 MW is planned to increase electricity by June 2021 as per Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) 2047 envisaged by National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC)/Power Division.

According to Annual Development Plan (ADP) 2020-21, the NTDC transmission system will be strengthened by adding 4,445 MVA through construction of Matiari-Lahore +660 kV HVDC Transmission Line of total length 880 km (4,000 MW) during 2020-21 for evacuation of additional power generation.

Further, 94km Transmission Line will be added on 500 kV. New Projects for Electricity and Gas Supply to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) (Dhabeji, Rashakai and Hattar). Furthermore, under the public private partnership joint venture project between Government of Sindh and Engro Group, the SECMC/Engro Power achieved the target of 660 MW by June 2019 with open-pit coal mine in Tharparkar district.     

However, the challenges confronting by the Energy sector are multi-dimensional in nature that included, high cost power generation, higher transmission and distribution losses, gas demand and supply gap and poor revenue collection.

These factors consequently give rise to higher tariffs resulting in higher subsidies and circular debt, particularly in Power sector.

The overall energy supply situation in the country has been improved through addition of 1,441 MW generation capacity in the national grid by June, 2020.

However, in wake of COVID-19 pandemic, as per NTDC (NPCC) statistics, energy consumption in March 2020 declined (Electricity by 4,000 MW, and petroleum products by 30 percent to 35 percent) mainly due to commercial and Industrial shutdown.

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