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6 Specific Travel Rules ‘The Amazing Race’ Contestants Must Follow

In the amazing race, teams of two travel the world and complete various challenges that often have to do with the history and culture of the countries they are in. The teams that fall to the bottom of the group are eliminated until there are three left to race to the finish line. . Through the years, CBS has launched several an amazing run travel rules to keep the competition fair, safe, challenging, and of course, entertaining. If these rules are broken, contestants face penalties or other consequences. Here are some examples.

Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch following the travel rules of ‘The Amazing Race’ in season 34 | CBS

‘The Amazing Race’ crews are only allowed 1 pit stop at each stage

Each destination of the race, such as Germany, Austria and Italy, is considered a “leg”. At the end of each stage there is a “pit stop”, where teams meet host Phil Keoghan on a mat and he tells them where they are in the race. These pit stops are the only times drivers have to rest, eat, showeretc The races in their entirety take about three weeks, so it’s very fast, as executive producer Elise Doganieri said. People.

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