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6 Women In Neon Green Leotards Attack 2 New York Subway Riders

Two women were attacked early Sunday morning on a New York City subway by a mysterious group of women in neon green full bodysuits.

A video of the assault shared on social media shows the group ― which has been called the “Green Goblin Gang” by local media ― punching and tossing two 19-year-old women on a subway train near Times Square around 2 a.m.

The assailants escaped the scene with a cellphone and a handbag, police told the New York Post.

Six women in neon green leotards attacked two women on a New York subway on Sunday afternoon.

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The mother of one of the victims told the Post that her daughter told her she was attacked by “aliens,” adding, “I didn’t know what she was talking about.”

The mother said the attack happened on her daughter’s birthday.

“This is how she spent her 19th birthday. I hope they get what they deserve and then some because it’s disgusting,” she said.

The woman told the New York Daily News that her daughter and friend did nothing to provoke the attack.

“There were no words exchanged prior,” she said. “In police footage I’ve seen, you could see that my daughter and her friend were standing on the platform talking and laughing. They bumped my daughter and her friend, like strong-armed them.”

Although the teens refused medical attention at the scene, the birthday girl’s mother told the Daily News that they were later admitted to a local hospital. The woman said her daughter had bruises on her shoulder, stomach and lower extremities.

The NYPD public information office told HuffPost the bodysuit-clad women escaped the subway and are still on the loose. Detectives reportedly told one of the victims’ parents that they’ve seen the attackers’ social media pages.

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