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A British minister is needed to clearly denounce the madness of immigrants

Bravo by Suella Braverman: The British politician gave a thunderous speech Tuesday in DC criticizing the “misguided dogma of multiculturalism,” “uncontrolled immigration” and “inadequate integration.”

The daughter of immigrants from Mauritius and Kenya herself, she condemned the “unprecedented levels of people entering our country illegally with no right to be here.

“They are cheating our system, posing as refugees, pretending to flee persecution to come to the country illegitimately.”

In reality: “Seeking asylum and better economic prospects are not the same.”

Sounds familiar? These economic immigrants make up the overwhelming majority of “Asylum seekers” flood the borders of the United States which President Joe Biden inaugurated.

In another line that resonates, he noted: “No one entering the UK by boat from France is fleeing imminent danger.

“The vast majority have passed through several safe countries and, in some cases, have resided in safe countries for several years.”

Why treat them as refugees (or asylum seekers)?

It should be obvious, but few dare to challenge this madness for “fear of being labeled racist or illiberal.”

Despite the fact that uncontrolled illegal immigration has brought “high levels of crime”, especially “in relation to crimes related to drugs, exploitation and prostitution”.

And “multiculturalism” adds to the dangers: “it does not require the newcomer to integrate,” and that is why “it has allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it.”

Which poses a real threat to the British (or American) way of life: “If cultural change is too rapid and too great, then what already existed becomes diluted and will eventually disappear.”

Braverman, by the way, is a member of the cabinet: the British Home Secretary. Imagine Alejandro Mayorkas or Antony Blinken saying something like this.

We, like most Americans, believe in legal, rational and reviewed immigration, the same kind that produces people like Suella Braverman.

What the left is pushing throughout the West is anything but.

Thanks to Braverman for making the case better than any American politician.

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