A Founding Editor of Saveur Shares What She Learned

When it comes to kitchen smarts, Dorothy Kalins, a founder and the former editor in chief of Saveur magazine, and the editor of several cookbooks, deserves bragging rights. “The Kitchen Whisperers,” her new kitchen memoir is populated with many of the culinary names she worked with over the decades, like Colman Andrews, Marcella Hazan, Michael Anthony and Anita Lo, all of whom enhanced her own expertise. Through her eyes and lively prose, they provide the book’s compelling common-sense approach to food that will easily resonate with experienced cooks and should bolster the confidence of novices. There are only a few of what you might consider recipes, in paragraph form, but after absorbing what Ms. Kalins recounts you may find you have less need for them.

“The Kitchen Whisperers: Cooking With the Wisdom of Our Friends” by Dorothy Kalins (William Morrow, $26.99).

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