A Hot Honey to Elevate Your Meal

Red Clay, a company in Charleston, S.C., specializes in hot sauces, and just a trace of their new honey will elevate chicken — preferably fried, though grilled or roasted will do — with a touch of mellowness that has subtle bite. There’s more upfront heat, along with a vegetal note, in the company’s Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Honey. Geoff Rhyne, a chef who is also the company’s hot sauce alchemist, uses the leftover habanero pepper mash from making his hot sauces (like the Carolina-style bolstered with vinegar, and a rich verde variety) to season the honeys.

Red Clay Hot Honey with honeycomb, $18; Hot Honey, five ounces, $10; Hot-Hot Honey, five ounces, $10; redclayhotsauce.com.

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