A Mille Crèpes for Lunar New Year

The newly discovered millipede Eumillepes Persephone actually has more than 1,000 legs. But a mille crèpes cake? Not so many layers. The cake is the signature of Lady M, a confectioner with boutiques in New York and other cities in the United States and China; this year they’re making one covered and layered with red bean pastry cream for the Lunar New Year on Feb. 1. It is part of a gift assortment for the holiday that includes six boxes of fruit jellies, praline and caramel bonbons, crisp filled biscuits and greeting cards all packed in a red and gold chest, $168, to celebrate the year of the tiger. Without the cake it’s $80, and the nine-inch cake is also sold separately, $98. These gifts can be ordered now for nationwide shipping or pickup, which will be available at the boutiques starting Jan. 7.

Lunar New Year Tiger Gift Set, ladym.com.

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