Abhishek Kapoor reveals Sushant Singh was facing trouble during ‘Kedarnath’ shoot

Abhishek Kapoor reveals Sushant Singh was facing trouble during ‘Kedarnath’ shoot

Director Abhishek Kapoor has had a long professional history with Sushant Singh Rajput. Honoring his memory, the filmmaker revealed the true essence of Sushant and just how troubled he truly was during their shoot for Kedarnath.

During the interview for Enquiry on YouTube, the director claimed, “It’s a systematic dismantling of a fragile mind. Sushant was brilliant, he was an engineer, he was into astrophysics and quantum physics. But because we couldn’t box him into stereotypes we called him ‘off’.”

“He was off, just off your radar. There’s this thing that if you’re not like us then you can’t be with us. There are so many camps that if you’re not part of a camp, even if you’re in the middle of a room, you will be ignored. It is true, especially for actors. I, as a filmmaker, can isolate myself. I can warn a young actor but he cannot see it at the time because the lights are so bright. You lose yourself.”

“He was very troubled while we were shooting for Kedarnath,” Abhishek went on to say, “But when we shot, he was 100% there. He never threw tantrum, it was cold, he had to carry Sara on his back, and he never said no if I asked for retakes. I couldn’t pay much attention to him during the shoot, but I knew we would reconnect if he wanted to.”

“I had not spoken to him for about a year and a half. There were times, you talk and then you’d go away to do a film. He must have changed his number 50 times and I remember when Kedarnath was coming out, the media had just slammed it. I don’t know what happened, he could see that he was not getting the kind of love because everything was centered around Sara at that time. He was just kind of lost. When the film released and it did really well, I sent him a message.”

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