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Afghanistan ceases embassy operations in India and lists “factors” behind the move

The Afghan embassy in New Delhi was headed by Ambassador Farid Mamundzay.

New Delhi:

He embassy of afghanistan in India has announced that it will suspend its operations starting today, citing the “lack of support” from the Indian government, its inability to meet expectations in serving Afghanistan’s interests and a shortage of personnel and resources.

The Afghan embassy announced that it took this difficult decision after careful reflection, considering the long-standing ties and friendship between Afghanistan and India.

“It is with deep sadness, regret and disappointment that the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi announces this decision to cease operations,” the embassy said in a statement.

The Afghan embassy in New Delhi was headed by Ambassador Farid Mamundzay, who was appointed by Ashraf Ghani’s government and continued in his role despite the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban forces in August 2021.

‘We recognize our deficiencies’

The embassy listed some “factors” that prevented it from carrying out its mission effectively, citing them as the main reasons for the unfortunate closure. accused the Indian government of failing to provide essential support, which it said prevented the embassy from carrying out its functions effectively.

“We recognize our shortcomings in meeting the expectations and requirements necessary to serve the best interests of Afghanistan and its citizens due to the lack of diplomatic support in India and the absence of a functioning legitimate government in Kabul,” it reads. in the embassy statement.

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The embassy has stated that unforeseen circumstances have significantly reduced the embassy’s staff and resources, making it increasingly difficult to continue operating.

“The lack of timely and sufficient visa renewal support for diplomats in other critical areas of cooperation generated understandable frustration among our team and impeded our ability to carry out routine tasks effectively,” the statement said.

The embassy also understood that due to the seriousness of this decision, some individuals may receive support and instructions from the Taliban regime in Kabul that may differ from the embassy’s current approach.

“The embassy also recognizes that, given the seriousness of this decision, it is possible that some may receive support and instructions from Kabul that may differ from our current course of action. The Embassy of Afghanistan wishes to make an unequivocal statement regarding the activities of certain “We believe that any action taken by these consulates is not in line with the objectives of a legitimate or elected government and rather serves the interests of an illegitimate regime,” the statement reads.

India-Afghanistan ties

India has not yet recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. He has demanded the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan and preventing the use of Afghan soil for terrorist activities against any country.

The Afghan embassy in Delhi experienced a power struggle between April and May 2023, after the Taliban reportedly appointed a new head of mission to replace current ambassador Farid Mamundzay. Qadir Shah, Commerce Counselor at the Afghan embassy in Delhi since 2020, wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs in late April, stating that the Taliban had appointed him chargé d’affaires.

However, the embassy issued a statement stating that its leadership had not changed.

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