Afghanistan live news: US says Kabul airport has reopened as Taliban patrol city

Australia working to evacuate ‘several hundred more’ locally engaged staff

Australia’s foreign minister, Marise Payne, has confirmed that Australia is still working to evacuate “several hundred more” locally engaged staff, Australian citizens, permanent residents and their families from Afghanistan.

Some 1,300 have been brought to Australia since 2013 including 400 since April – but the Australian government has been criticised for being too slow to help the rest.

Payne said Australia is working with the US, which is trying to secure Kabul’s airport, and the first Australian Defence Force flight is en route. But, asked if everyone will make it out, Payne replied that it is an “extraordinarily difficult situation” due to “security issues and the lack of arrangements on the ground”.

Regarding the 4,200 Afghans in Australia on temporary visas and 53 in immigration detention, Payne told ABC’s AM:

“All the Afghans in Australia on temporary visas will be supported by the Australian government and no Afghan visa-holder will be asked to return to Afghanistan at this stage. And that is something we’ve discussed as a government.”

US will recognise Taliban government ‘depending on their actions’

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Taliban patrol Kabul

Biden defends withdrawal


Afghan president destroyed opportunity for ceasefire by fleeing – report

Kabul airport has reopened – US general

Biden: ‘I know my decision will be criticized’



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