After court go-ahead, Delhi govt sends doorstep ration file back to L-G

The Delhi government has resent the file on doorstep delivery of ration back to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal — for the third time now — for approval.

The move comes after the HC last week allowed the government to divert food grains and items that traditionally go to fair price shops for doorstep delivery.

The government said that since the HC had allowed it to conditionally implement the scheme, the L-G should have no objection and clear the file.

The conditions include that anyone who wants to opt out of the delivery programme for getting rations should be allowed to.

The scheme has been a flashpoint between the Aam Aadmi Party government, and the L-G and Centre. The state government, which says the scheme will be a game changer in the city and will put an end to pilferage, has been pushing for the implementation for three years now. The office of the L-G, however, has been opposed to it. Earlier this year, the Centre raised several concerns regarding the scheme, including that grains meant for the scheme were given by the Centre for distribution in fair price shops and could not be diverted to another scheme. The Centre has also raised issues with the scheme being named the Mukhyamantri Ghar-Ghar Ration Scheme. Later, the word Mukhyamantri was dropped.

The government is keen to start the scheme, which is one of its most ambitious projects after free power up to 200 units, well before the municipal elections, which are due early next year in the city.

The way consent has been taken from ration card holders to be part of the scheme has also been brought into question as beneficiaries were supposed to opt out of the scheme instead of opting in. With the assurance that people will be allowed to go back to the old system, those questions have also been addressed now.

“Beneficiaries, who opt for delivery of ration at their doorstep under the Public Distribution System scheme would have access to the fair price shops to opt out of the scheme and get their rations at any time. There will be an option to go back. Along with this, the Delhi government will also actively publicise the scheme,” the government said in a statement on Tuesday.

Addressing other issues that have been raised previously, the government said that the agent delivering home the ration will have to match the thumb impression of the ration card holder with an e-POS machine. “The ration packet will be delivered as soon as the thumb impression is matched. This will eliminate the possibility of any kind of fraud or theft… ration card holders will not have to wait for the opening of shops, since the ration will reach home in a packet, so there will be no possibility of quality degradation or adulteration. There will be no possibility of anyone getting less ration,” the statement said.

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