AJK elections: PTI bags three more reserved seats


11:34 PM | August 02, 2021

PTI on Monday secured three more reserved seats in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Legislative Assembly, taking its total seats to 32.

The AJK Legislative Assembly consists of 53 seats, and to pass lawmaking, 27 votes are required — and now the PTI has a clear majority.

PPP has obtained a total of 12 seats, PML-N seven, and Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party and All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference secured one each.

Today, polling was held at Legislative Assembly Hall on three seats reserved for technocrats, overseas Kashmiris, and ulema-o-mashaikh.

PTI won all three seats, securing 27 votes for each candidate.

PTI’s Raffique Nayar was elected on the technocrat’s seat, Muhammad Iqbal on the seat reserved for overseas Kashmiris, and Maulana Mazhar Saeed on the ulema-o-mashaikh seat.

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has summoned the legislation Assembly tomorrow (Tuesday) during which the newly-elected members will be sworn in.

The speaker and deputy speaker will be elected while the leader of the house (prime minister) will be elected the next day (August 4).

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