Akshay Kumar reminisces how he was shooed away for doing a photoshoot

Akshay Kumar reminisces how he was shooed away for doing a photoshoot

Akshay Kumar has never had it easy in Bollywood, and recently he sat down to talk about one of his most memorable experiences from the time he was just starting out.

In a video posted to YouTube on LODHA’s official channel, the actor revealed his side hustles as a photographer’s assistant and his journey to a successful Bollywood debut.

Working as an assistant photographer, Akshay revealed that for the first few months at work he had not taken any pay from his employer, instead hoped to get a photo-shoot in return.

He was quoted saying, “After 4-5 months, I told him, ‘If you don’t mind Jayesh, can you please do my photoshoot and you need not pay me anything.’”

He also went on to say how during his time in Juhu beach, he and his photographer found their way to a private bungalow where they began having a small photoshoot.

Akshay claims, “I quickly lied down on the parapet of the bungalow and he started clicking me. But a watchman of that building came towards us and shooed us away. We had already clicked 3-4 pictures by then.”

“It was not a plan but my current house, where I am sitting right now, is built on the same location. A building was constructed on the site of the dilapidated bungalow and I live in that building.” Concluding his video, he also shared two of the photos he took back in the day. 

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