Alicia Silverstone Wants Us to Eat Our Fruits and Vegetables

She has also been mourning her friend, Mark Blum, the actor whom she worked with on the film “Sister of the Groom.” He died of Covid-19 at 69 in March. “It’s a really sad, scary time for so many people,” she said.

Her daily routine involves sensible self-nourishment. “I always bring everything back to diet,” she said. “When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel well, and then my moods go all over the place.” Ms. Silverstone has been eating meals filled with fresh herbs, greens, miso soup and ginger tea. She has found comfort in cooking, of course, but also in daily long walks, yoga, writing in a journal and meditation.

She has also been focused on finding activities to do with Bear Blu, now 9, when he’s not with Mr. Jarecki — like bouncing on the mini trampoline, dancing or jump roping. “My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting,” Ms. Silverstone said.

She is still amazed by the “brilliant genius” of Ms. Heckerling. “It’s generational,” Ms. Silverstone said. “The people that were watching it when it came out have shared it with their children, and so it just keeps going and keeps living. I don’t know why that happens to some movies and others it doesn’t, but I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

In 2017, she introduced a screening of the film at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and took her son to see the movie for the first time. “I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to show him the movie on the big screen like that with 4,000 people outside,” she said. “It just felt like a moment.”

For her, what’s most memorable about the film are the costumes that make “entrances.” After filming, she even kept some of her favorite items like Cher’s Mary Janes, but she’s since given all of the items away. Back then, Ms. Silverstone said, she had “no style” and wore the same green T-shirt and jeans every day for four years.

When asked which actor should play Cher in a reboot, Ms. Silverstone laughed. She’s far removed from the film that once made her a star: “I’m like a grandma at my house who’s going to help climate change and raise my son.”

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