Amateur photographer captures ISS transitioning the sun

This amazing photo was taken from a garden in Southend (Credits: Dawid Glawdzin/Triangle News)

Dawid Glawdzin captured the International Space Station passing in front of the sun from his garden in Southend.

Amazingly, the dad-of-one, 38, captured the stunning solar snap using a standard camera.

IT worker Dawid said: ‘I knew about the transit via the data on the NASA website and was capturing 1/2000 burst frames a minute before it.

‘A powerful solar filter ND10000 was also used as it’s quite dangerous for the camera sensor to do it without it. Luckily, the clouds stayed away for a few minutes.’

He added: ‘I am a complete amateur when it comes to photo and videography.’

Dawid Glawdzin is an amateur photographer (Dawid Glawdzin/Triangle News)

‘My creations are a result of trial and error approach and countless hours of tutorials. I always enjoyed taking pictures and videos, however, my passion started with the first drone.

‘I crashed twice on my first flight and lost a camera on my second. I was determined to learn and master to tricky camera settings switching from full auto to full manual.

‘This approach triggered a passion for photography.’

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