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Amber Ruffin Demonstrates Hilarious Variation On ‘Name That Tune’

There’s more than one way to write a hit song, as talk show host Amber Ruffin demonstrated on her Peacock TV show this weekend.

The comedian celebrated her first show with an audience by performing an improv game with sidekick Tarik Davis called “Name That Tune.”

The game is a little different than the one featured in the long-running game show. In Ruffin’s version: The audience supplies a ridiculous song title that her sidekick has to figure out based on bizarre clues he’s given by Ruffin.

As you can see in the segment below, Ruffin and Davis managed to create a smokin’ R&B jam with the bizarre title “Don’t Move to Florida Because I Suck My Thumb.”

Don’t be surprised if you want to attempt the game yourself since it’s musically catchier than charades.

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