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Analysis: Comparison of EVA Air travel classes on transpacific flights

Based at Taoyuan International Airport, EVA air and its planes in white and green liveries fly back and forth to destinations around the world. Specifically on flights from Taipei to North America, the Star Alliance member uses its fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs, except Seattle where you will find a 787 Dreamliner. While many have heard about the airline’s impressive service, what is it like flying long distances with EVA?

economics class

Configured in a 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 configuration, depending on the specific example, EVA’s economy offering is quite relaxing, with the hardtail’s seat pitch and width matching those of China Airlines and United Airlines with 32 and 17 inches. , respectively. Each passenger receives a small pillow, a blanket and headphones. The headrests are adjustable and the recline is good as far as economy goes, so it’s not difficult to settle into the seat.

Although EVA’s inflight entertainment does not consist of hundreds of movies and television shows, the high-resolution IFE touch screens provide access to some of the latest hits from East and West. For those who prefer to use their own devices, the seatback panels have a USB charging cable and the seats have shared power outlets just in case.

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At mealtime, there are usually two main options for a main course: a small salad, a fruit cup, a muffin, and a dessert. Beverage options include a variety of soft drinks, still drinks, and wine or beer. Throughout the journey, the cabin crew’s respect for all passengers is second to none, regardless of which seat you are in. For economy class, EVA Air’s offering in terms of hard and soft products is excellent, and at only about $1,000 round trip for some of the shorter transpacific flights, the value is certainly there.

Premium Economy

Currently only available on the airline’s 777s, EVA Air pioneered premium economy seating and still offers a strong product today. Unlike Star Alliance member ANA, based in nearby Tokyo, customers flying in EVA’s premium economy cabin do not have lounge access. However, while the old-fashioned color scheme may be misleading, the hardtail, set up in a 2-4-2 configuration, is more comfortable than its Japanese counterpart.

Inside a newer EVA Air premium economy cabin.

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As you take your seat, you’ll find a pillow, blanket, slippers, noise-canceling headphones, and maybe a bottle of water. Notably, EVA Air premium economy customers receive an “overnight kit,” filled with many of the same items you would expect in a proper amenities kit.

Food service in premium economy is slightly elevated compared to standard economy. It still comes on what appeared to be the same tray, although the overall selection of food and drinks (including alcohol) has a premium feel, which is appropriate for the class. It’s nothing like what EVA’s business class product offers, but there are both Western and Eastern options to try.

As mentioned above, the seat is remarkably comfortable, further enhanced by its 38-inch pitch and 19.3-inch width. It reclines quite far back, facilitating a surprisingly good sleeping environment, even for those who may have trouble getting some sleep on the economy.

A close-up of a pair of EVA Air Premium Economy seats.

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Roundtrip, the most basic premium economy fare, will be between $600 and $800 USD higher than the most basic economy fare (depending on the specific route), which is important for many travelers. But basic economy is usually the first to sell out, and if you’re not worried about change-of-travel date fees, the value EVA brings with its premium economy product may be worth the upgrade to a higher-fare economy ticket.

Royal Laurel Class

Unlike the airline’s “Premium Laurel” business class offered on regional routes, this term refers to EVA’s highest class of service. On the 777, these reclining seats have a more traditional 1-2-1 inverted herringbone configuration, while those featured on the 787 are all forward-facing and have a more modern look.

Again, once you get past the dated (albeit pristine) looking beige and green color scheme, the seats are very comfortable and you are instantly presented with a host of items, including a soft pillow, thick blanket, slippers and noise. -cancelling headphones. A flight attendant will come with designer pajamas, a luxury amenities kit, a wet towel, and a welcome drink.

EVA Air Royal Laurel Business Class seat on the Boeing 777-300ER.

Photo: Simple flight | Justin Surette

Shortly after takeoff, meal service will begin, and here EVA Air offers its most premium customers endless options by selecting main dishes the days before departure. There are always a few options for those foregoing this deal, but there are over ten main courses to choose from online, with dishes created by chefs who run some of the most impressive dining facilities in central Taipei. It’s a multi-course affair with a selection of wines and spirits that rivals many world-class international offerings, so prepare to enjoy.

When it comes to resting, at least on the 777, the supplied bed cover does not completely hide some particularly hard parts of the seat. It may take a little tossing and turning, but optimal positions are found regardless of how you normally sleep. For comparison, United Airlines offers its flagship Polaris business class from SFO to TPE, which arguably features a more comfortable bed to sleep in.

However, almost everything else about EVA’s service is far superior and comes at a lower cost, making it difficult not to recommend it to travelers who plan to fly in a premium cabin. Look out for Simple Flying’s trip review on this product from Taipei to Chicago coming soon!

Have you ever traveled with EVA Air? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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