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Home Politics Anderson Cooper Debunks Trump's Latest Coronavirus Claim With Basic Child Psychology

Anderson Cooper Debunks Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Claim With Basic Child Psychology

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday used some basic child psychology to debunk President Donald Trump’s latest comments about testing for the coronavirus.

Trump earlier in the day had argued — yet again ― that there would be a significant decrease in cases of COVID-19 in the United States if the country halted its testing program.

“If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” the president claimed during a White House event. He later repeated the notion on Twitter, acknowledging that testing “makes us look bad, but good to have!!!”

“The president of the United States apparently believes that when you close your eyes to something, it goes away, or if you don’t report on something, it never happened,” Cooper said of Trump’s widely derided comments.

“Now, I’ve been reading about babies lately and that’s something babies grow out of by about 18 months,” added Cooper, who became a father in April.

“It’s called object permanence, meaning the thing is there whether you are looking at it or not,” he said. “Well, the president perhaps hasn’t reached that stage yet, at least not when it comes to the virus that has now claimed more than 116,000 lives in this country.”

Check out Cooper’s monologue here:

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