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Anees Taj vows to ruin Viddal Riley’s unbeaten record with a stunning knockout inside six rounds on Saturday

Anees Taj has vowed to shatter Viddal Riley’s unbeaten reputation with a stunning knockout inside six rounds.

Riley is recognised as a rising threat in the stacked cruiserweight division after extending his perfect record with three victories in 2022, including two stoppages within the first three rounds.

He now turns his attention to Taj, who appeared in last year’s BOXXER Series tournament, with Riley hoping to start his 2023 campaign in style with another explosive win on Saturday’s Adam Azim bill, live on Sky Sports.

The pair clashed in Boxxer’s virtual head-to-head press conference as Taj claimed that in previous fights, Riley’s opponents “came to lose”.

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“I can stop what he’s doing. It will be fun and games. It’s his toughest test so far and it’s mine so far,” said Taj.

“Someone turned up to lose [in his previous fights]. I am not coming to lose; I’m not turning up for the paper. On February 11, I can see what you can do, and you can see what I can do.

“I’ll knock you out in six. I am not coming for money; I’m not coming to lose. If you want a fair fight, I am happy to fight you. I am not worried about money.”

Riley responded in typical fiery fashion, saying that Taj isn’t his toughest opponent.

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“I love it, he’s got intention and he has something in place that he thinks he can pull off. I don’t see it.

“If I don’t knock him out in round one, there are other rounds for the punishment to continue,” said Riley, who is unbeaten in seven bouts.

“I don’t think at this stage of my career my toughness is tested. My skill is too elite for it to be tested.

“He’s definitely in the top three [of my opponents], maybe even top two, because I know he is coming with intent. The mentality is strong.

“I know he has had time to prepare. He’s had the most notice out of my previous opponents.”

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Boxing on Sky Sports is available to stream through NOW TV.

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