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Angus Buchan brings Krugersdorp closer to Christ

The concerning state of Krugersdorp is likely to change for the better after renowned evangelist Angus Buchan hosted a prayer meeting this past weekend.


Hordes of locals and outsiders descended on Krugersdorp on Saturday, 24 September, to join in on the prayer meeting which sought to pray over healing, unemployment, shocking levels of poverty, crime, drugs, alcoholism, and Satanism.

Angus Buchan reflecting on the Krugersdorp prayer meeting, said: “A couple of days ago we had the privilege of hosting the Speak Jesus National Prayer Meeting in Krugersdorp, (Jesus Dorp), and we saw the abundance of the Lord”.

“I think what touched my heart more than anything else was the servant’s heart of the people that were organising the event.”


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Angus Buchan leads the community of Krugersdorp in praise and worship. Photo: Angus Buchan/ Facebook.


He added that people needed to do things for Jesus with a spirit of excellence and a spirit of humility and then the Lord does the rest.
“We saw many, many people coming to Christ, making public confessions of their faith, we saw many people delivered from alcoholism, drug addiction, immorality, adultery, a spirit of fear, depression, anxiety, stress and then we saw many people healed,” Buchan reflected.

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He went on, “It was a wonderful day and again the people sat and they never moved in that heat and it was extremely warm, the sun was beating down. But there was a gentle breeze and we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at that wonderful event. It is one of the highlights of my life and we thank God for His goodness and for the people of Jesus Dorp (Krugersdorp) who called us to come and help them to bring the fire of God, not only to that place but indeed to the nation. We are believing again for nothing less than a national and in fact a worldwide revival”.

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