#Anti-Corruption Front of #Bulgaria investigates financial abuse by Bulgarian MEPs – EU Reporter

The Bulgarian investigation organisation “Anti-Corruption Front”, with EU Reporter as media partner,  announces its investigation into financial misuse of European funds by Bulgarian MEPs.

In the form of a documentary we present recordings from a hidden camera, documents and facts about the illegal spending of the budgets by MEPs Elena Yoncheva and Ivo Hristov of funds intended for local assistants and offices. The financial damages to the Bulgarian and European taxpayers amounts to almost 250 000 EUR.

In the video you will see evidence of local assistants holding double positions both in the European Parliament and at the BSP headquarters, which is absolutely forbidden by the regulations of the European institutions.

You will hear comments from the assistants of the MEPs, their service providers, including Ivan Garelov, and the editor-in-chief of the leading European media EU Reporter Colin Stevens and others.

The documentary is the first part of a large-scale investigation into the abuses of high-ranking politicians in Europe and Bulgaria. All data and facts that have become available to the Anti-Corruption Front team are described in a signal that will be submitted to OLAF, the European Court of Auditors, the President and Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament and the chairs of parliamentary groups.


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