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Antim: Aayush Sharma says more than a brother-in-law, Salman Khan is a mentor to him | EXCLUSIVE

Image Source : INDIA TV

Aayush Sharma live on India TV


  • Aayush Sharma spills beans about his most memorable day as he shot with Salman Khan
  • Antim: The Final Truth sees Aayush playing the role of a gangster named Rahuliya
  • Speaking to India TV, the actor revealed the response to Antim was overwhelming

Aayush Sharma startled everybody with his transformation in ‘Antim: The Final Truth’. The actor was not only lauded for working on his physical appearance for the role but also for his stint as an actor. Just two films old, Aayush, who made his acting debut with ‘Loveyatri’ took upon the challenge to portray the role of a menacing gangster Rahuliya in ‘Antim’. The film that also stars Salman Khan has been garnering appreciation from all corners. As Aayush spoke to India TV in an exclusive conversation, he opened up about his role, film’s box office success and how challenging it was to take up a negative role. He also shared about his relationship with Salman.

Asked why he chose to take up a negative role at the beginning of his career, Aayush explains that his role is about a boy who enters the grey shade and he wanted to show the audience that he is capable to pull off the role of a romantic guy and a gangster as well. 

Spilling beans about his most memorable day of shooting ‘Antim’, the actor told India TV editor-in-chief Rajat Sharma, “The first day when I shot with Salman Khan was most memorable. He is my family but to the world, he is a superstar. It was a very different feeling, I couldn’t sleep for the night because I was both nervous and excited.”

Further, he opened up on shooting the much-talked-about action scene with Salman. “I was in a perplexing situation because Salman was going shirtless and when he does that the world is excited. I was conflicted because I’m that person who would whistle when Salman takes off his shirt. How would I do the same in front of him? Also, more than anything I was scared that what if something goes wrong and I hit him. We do practice with body doubles but you can’t be sure,” he said while speaking to Surbhi Sharma LIVE on India TV.

He also opened up about his equation with Salman off the camera. “More than a brother-in-law, he is a mentor to me. He told me he is very happy that people are appreciating my work in ‘Antim’. That appreciation coming from him is more satisfactory than anything else,” Aayush shared.

Things have changed for Aayush post the release of ‘Antim’. While his first film didn’t do as expected, the actor’s second outing brought him positive reviews. “My reviews were bad for the first film. I was affected but after months I comprehended that I have to use this feedback to improve myself. Now, with ‘Antim’, I have got a lot of love from the audience. The people I’m meeting now are recognising me from my character. It’s an achievement for me,” he said, adding, “The response has been overwhelming. I was expecting that maybe people won’t like it but was shocked to see how loved the character was on social media. I was glad that the audience could understand that the motive of the film is to convince people that you have to be like Rajveer (Salman Khan) and not Rahuliya.”

Aayush credits director Mahesh Manjrekar for the love that he has been receiving. “All thanks to Mahesh Manjrekar Sir. He is an institution in himself. I want to thank him and Salman for having faith in me,” he said.

Aayush, who hails from Delhi also shared a fond memory as he returned to the city for promoting his film. “the first time I saw Salman was in Ambience mall. I used to live in Dwarka then. That was the first time I saw him. I was so impressed by his charisma and aura. I got fascinated. And now when I look back at it I think I couldn’t fathom then that one day I share the screen with the Salman Khan,” he said walking down the memory lane.

“I was told Salman is always angry. So I was a bit hesitant to go to him and ask for a photo but I still went to him. I asked him if I can click a selfie and he was like ‘Sure brother’. He called me a brother and it changed my perception about him,” he added.

Talking about Salman Khan’s legacy, Aayush feels it won’t be possible to recreate. “No one will be able to reach that benchmark and enjoy that fandom he has.” 

The actor comprehends that he will have to be on his toes to continue this appreciation. He is of the opinion that he has to keep trying new things. “If you have to sustain in the industry, you have to keep changing your content and yourself. you cannot be repetitive,” he said before concluding.

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