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Anubhav Sinha believes Ra.One was ‘harshly judged’ when it launched, says people now call it ‘ahead of its time’

Shah Rukh Khan-protagonist Ra.One it was widely criticized when it was released in 2011, but over the years, the film’s visual effects have been reevaluated. Anubhav Sinha, who directed the film, believes that Ra.One “lives online,” where people call him “ahead of his time.” In a recent conversation, he said that the online conversation about the film is a sign of its “success” and said that Ra.One was “harshly judged” at the time of its release.

When asked about the criticism the film received, Sinha told DNA, “It’s not for me to say this because I would always find harsher criticism. But if someone who isn’t involved in the movie says it was harsh, obviously I would stick with that.”

Sinha was perhaps referring to Shah Rukh Khan’s statement about the failure of Ra.One. In an earlier conversation with Connect FM Canada, Sinha said he was heartbroken when he read SRK’s statement and said: “My heart was broken. I thought to myself, ‘How could Shah Rukh say this?’” He said the actor “had given everything to the film” but added: “He was hurt, which is probably why he said what he said. He hurt what he said, but I was young then.

In the new interview, Sinha insisted that the film has gained recognition online. “I am a big believer in how long a movie lives determines its legacy. The fact that a film that was so harshly judged and panned 12 years ago lives online with people calling it ahead of its time says a lot. So, that is the success of the film and it gives me a lot of happiness, ”he said.

Also starring kareena kapoor and arjun rampal, Ra.One was designed as a superhero movie that probably could have had a sequel. But the film’s reception at the time was extremely poor, stalling any chances of a follow-up.

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