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Apex Legends gets next-gen console update: Native 4K, HDR

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that it is bringing next-gen versions of its futuristic battle royale, Apex Legends to consoles. The update launches tomorrow, bringing in a range of new features, including native 4K output to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Dubbed ‘Warriors Collection’ event, the patch offers some much-needed improvements to match the performance on Windows PC. Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will now be able to enjoy full 60 Hz gameplay with HDR enabled, offering brighter highlights.

Furthermore, those on PS5 and Xbox Series X will receive support for native 4K output, higher resolution shadow maps, and better LOD (level of detail) distances, allowing players to see far off enemies and objects in better visual detail. The inferior Series S will not receive these three upgrades.

PS5 owners who currently have Apex Legends installed can simply navigate to the Game hub and press the ‘Options’ button to unveil a dropdown list. You can then head to ‘Select Version’ and choose to download the new PS5 version, after which you can delete the existing PlayStation 4 version to save up on hard drive space. All saves, unlocks and progression will be carried over as well.

Players on Xbox, however, have no need to worry about such lengthy processes, as the console takes advantage of the Smart Delivery feature to sync and download the best version of the game automatically.

Additionally, the studio has also announced a limited-time 9v9 mode called Control, where players can squad up, select a loadout, and fight for control over Olympus, Storm Point, and Kings Canyon locations on the map. You can read more on that from the official website.

Last week, a huge Apex Legends information dump on Reddit had leaked 9 new characters and maps to coming to the game within the next two years. According to the leaker, the upcoming hero is named Newcastle, a defence-based champion adept at dragging downed teammates and creating a shielded area on the battlefield, until they finish healing.

The remaining 8 characters were not fully rendered, though some of their skills were available to test out in the training area. The dump also contained information on some unfinished maps, one of them called Divided Moon, featuring a monorail system.

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