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App it up: Three must-have apps to streamline your PC experience

There are several apps that can be installed on your laptop or PC that are very useful in terms of data usage, multimedia, and internet browsing. Below is a list of applications that will help you a great deal in future.


This is an excellent media player that will allow you to play any and every format of video and audio you come across. Most people are very familiar with VLC as it is one of the most popular media players today.

However, Potplayer is probably the better and smarter option because, unlike VLC, this media player has no limitations and allows you access to everything. It may seem a bit complicated to use at first because of all the options presented to you, but that is the beauty of this app.

It gives you different options concerning audio, subtitles, screen ratio, and a lot more.

It has an easy-to-use interface and is a pleasure to navigate with its various shortcuts once you have gotten the hang of it. It is also free to download.


This is probably a very good and helpful app to keep on your computer. The app can be installed straight from your Microsoft Store and will monitor your data usage. This app is probably best for people who are on a limited data plan or who would like to keep track of how much data they are using during a period of time. 

There is a premium version of the app, but the free version works perfectly and does the job well enough. The app monitors your data usage for the day/week/month and tells you which applications are using more data than they are supposed to. It is very helpful, and there is also a version available for your cell phones.

Opera Mini

You are probably wondering why you would need an internet browser when you have Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, right?

Well, then it is important that you are made aware of the fact that Google Chrome uses a lot of your RAM and CPU and therefore slows down your computer speed to almost half of what it normally would be.

With Opera Mini, this would not be an issue as it does not take a lot of space nor does it use a lot of your computer’s RAM. Not only this, but it has a lot of cool features that Microsoft Edge and Chrome does not have, such as built-in WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook apps, built-in ad-blockers, as well as different themes and settings that can be applied.

The browser allows you to sign in with the same account you may have used on mobile or elsewhere and then links your account, and gives you access to all your bookmarks, and saved pages.

Opera Mini is very convenient, easy and fun to use and comes highly recommended over other browsers.

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