Apple might start showing ads on your iPhone

Users will be exposed to targeted ads from various companies (Picture: Getty Images)

Apple might be bringing in ads on previously ad-free pre-installed apps on its iPhones and iPads.

The iPhone maker is expanding its advertising business by monetising some pre-installed apps according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman.

Ads could be coming to pre-installed iPhone apps like Maps, Books, and Podcasts, according to the report.

Apple has reportedly internally tested search ads in Maps, which could display recommendations when you search for restaurants, stores, or other nearby businesses that pay for ad space.

Users will be exposed to targeted ads from various companies similar to the way you get suggestions and featured apps on the App Store.

Apple might be bringing in ads on its previously ad-free pre-installed apps on its iPhones and iPads (Picture: Unsplash)

Last week Disney announced that it was increasing prices for customers who want to watch Disney+ without commercials. Netflix has also confirmed that it’s going to start putting adverts into its service.

The tech analyst said that a similar ad-supported service could make an appearance in Apple TV Plus.

The tech giant’s expansion into advertising comes following last year’s privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency, or ATT which has hindered third-party advertising on its platform. 

So far, Apple displays ads inside of its News and Stocks app. It also shows Google-like search ads inside the App Store, across its devices.

Apple is yet to confirm any such move so we’ll have to stay tuned for updates.

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