Artistic Eye-Amplifying Suits

Behnaz Farahi, the Iranian-American artist and designer, has created the ‘Returning the Gaze’ project. The artist created a sci-fi-looking suit for ANNAKIKI’s Milan show in February. This suit has a large bubble-esque headpiece complete with several high-definition cameras and trackers. These cameras capture the wearer’s eyes in full detail and transmit this video capture to four external monitors.

These monitors are connected to robotic arms that allow them to face any direction. The suit was designed with the intent to showcase the impact of the powerful gaze that runway models feel. To achieve this, the robotic monitors will dynamically face audience members who stare at the suit with enlarged, powerful eyes. This makes a statement on the often uncomfortable experience of being the subject of a powerful gaze.

Image Credit: Behnaz Farahi

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