At 69.3%, Vidarbha beats state in vaccinating health workers

Vidarbha achieved the target of vaccinating 69.3 per cent of frontline workers, surpassing the state average of 63.5 per cent, on the inaugural day of the nationwide Covid-19 inoculation drive.

Of targeted 5,600 people at total 56 centres across 11 districts of the region, 3,881 were administered the vaccine. Within the region, the Amravati division, consisting of Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Washim and Yavatmal districts, the percentage was an impressive 78.73. In the Nagpur division, it was 63.21.

The highest percentage was achieved by Bhandara district where 265 of 300 people were vaccinated. In the Amravati division, Buldana achieved the highest 95.83 per cent, with 575 of 600 taking the vaccine. It may well be the highest percentage achievement in the entire state.

The other districts fared as follows: Akola 79.33 per cent, Amravati 87.6 per cent, Washim 55.67 per cent, Yavatmal 62.8 per cent, Chandrapur 55.17 per cent, Gadchiroli 54.25 per cent, Gondia 71 per cent, Nagpur 64.92 per cent and Wardha 57.33 per cent.

The maximum number of people, 1,200, were targeted for vaccination in Nagpur. Of them, 779 took the shot.

Asked why others did not take the vaccine, Deputy Director of Health Services, Nagpur, Sanjay Jaiswal said, “Today was the first day. It’s like a new vehicle entering the market. Not all will go for it immediately. But the overall percentage is still very good and I am sure it will reach 90 or above very soon.”

Asked if there were any adverse reactions among the vaccine recipients, Jaiswal said, “There were no such reports from anywhere in the division.” Amaravati Divisional Commissioner Piyush Singh echoed the same in terms of the vaccination drive in his division.

The Indian Express has learnt that apart from experiencing some minor itching and pain, overall all recipients felt alright within minutes of being vaccinated.

Covaxin was administered only at two centres in Vidarbha. A total of 2,000 doses (100 vials) each were provided to Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Nagpur, and Amravati District General Hospital. At GMCH, 53 of 100 targeted people took the vaccine. Singh said that at the Amravati hospital, Covaxin was administered to 100 per cent of the targeted frontline staff.

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