Australia Covid live news update: Gladys Berejiklian to meet Sydney hotspot mayors; Yass returns to lockdown

The Labor party is a party committed to equality, and I have to acknowledge that the affirmative action policy is a clear example of how the Labor has done so well in gender diversity.

Fowler, it’s one of the most multicultural electorates in Australia. It’s about three-quarters migrants and refugees. So having a diverse representation from the local community I would think just makes sense.

I think we should, we need to prioritise better representations. I don’t think that we should miss the opportunity to do that. And I think, if we can, as a party, commit to better representation of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, then we can be that party that is reflective of the communities of Australia and the very diverse, communities of Australia, and hopefully, that will increase our electoral chances too, especially in New South Wales.

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