Australia Covid live news update: NSW calls outbreak ‘national emergency’ after 136 new cases; 14 coronavirus cases in Victoria; NZ shuts travel bubble

Getting the job done is the most important thing … We would use police, authorised officers, and if you could get support from the ADF, whether that was for logistics or things of that nature, or whether it was boots on the ground, you know, all of those conversations need to be had.

If Sydney has been declared a national emergency, then my message is very clear, on behalf of all Victorians I am saying, there is a national responsibility to put a ring of steel around Sydney just as we did last year, because that will help stop the spread of the virus across the whole nation.

I want to be able to deal with our outbreak, have it settled, and then have thousands of contact tracers on the phone helping out Sydney. I can’t do that when we have cases to chase … We need to be on hyper alert because even with the strictest border closure ever put in place, we still have people moving around New South Wales and potentially spreading the virus.

We need to contain this so we don’t have a national emergency in every part of our nation.

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