Australia Covid live news update: Scott Morrison discusses border reopening as airlines add 6,000 weekly seats into Sydney

While the NSW premier’s announcement may entice more people to visit, please remember that vaccinated people can still carry the virus. This will require a diligent testing approach at the border. The NSW premier did mention that a PCR test will be required for pre-departure, and we’re asking that we ensure that testing means something by mandating all testing be conducted by accredited facilities.

Testing at international borders is going to be even more important as we move away from hotel quarantine, particularly for those who, for whatever reason, are unvaccinated. Displaying a testing facility’s accreditation status on a patient’s test report is the direction we need to move towards, to give everyone assurance that there is a robust protection regime around the virus spreading.

Ultimately it’s about putting measures in place to avoid a negative impact on Australians’ health, our businesses and the economy.

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