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Australia Covid live update: NSW on alert; Queensland urgently traces case infectious in community for 10 days

With great respect, in terms of the first vaccination, we are at over 29% of the population, and that is increasing rapidly.

Secondly, as with some other countries, the backbone of our system in Australia has been AstraZeneca vaccine, that is a 12 week second dose, I think the gap between first and second doses in the UK is about 20%, very similar to what is in Australia. So, every day is a 12 week period is reached, people are coming forward now, and that has only just commenced.

What we are doing is making sure that we are vaccinating Australians and you are right, there are other countries, and these lists can be cut in many different ways, there are other countries with massively higher losses of life than Australia. We lost 910 lives. If we had the average of underdeveloped world nations, we would have had 30,000 deaths. If we have the UK or US, it would have been closer to 40,000.

Even now, the UK, from the figures I saw overnight, more than 200 people on ventilation for covert, we have none. We have one in ICU, but our circumstances are unimaginably different from so much of the rest of the world.

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