Australia Covid live update: NSW records 233 cases and two deaths, including man in 20s; Qld reports 17 cases and Victoria zero

Look, it’s obviously best answered by the health experts, but clearly what we have seen is unfortunately just takes a small number of people, not to get tested before they need to, not to stay home before they need to see various spreading issues occur.

We still don’t know the impact of some potential super spreading events that occurred a week ago or a week or so ago. So it’s a number of factors.

That’s why we’ urging everybody if you have the mildest of symptoms, don’t go to work, don’t leave the house unless you’re getting tested. And isolate. That’s important.

We know from the Delta strain overseas jurisdictions the size of New South Wales that started off with the same number of cases we did are now having daily rates in their thousands.

Now, I’m not suggesting we are in a position we want to be, but, please, know that had it taken the measures we had, that our case numbers would have been in their thousands.

Now, I’m not going to rule out case numbers won’t get worse, I actually think they will get worse if you look at the number of people infectious in the community, it indicates that perhaps we haven’t reached our peak.

But the other issue I want to say is that in relation to mobility, we did release some data a few days ago demonstrating that in many local government areas, mobility is down – further down than what it was in Melbourne during their worst lockdown. I just want to stress that the vast majority of people are doing the right thing. But because of how contagious this is …

It’s really difficult to make comparisons because the Delta strain is so contagious, different cities have different pockets of concentration and challenge, and that’s why it’s really important to let our, to give time for our settings to take effect. We know that had we not put those settings in place, the case numbers stay in New South Wales would undoubtedly have been in their thousands.

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