Australia Covid live update: Victoria reports 246 new cases; NSW hospitals brace for surge; Morrison faces questions over Father’s Day travel

Gladys Berejiklian under pressure over modelling showing state’s health system to be ‘overwhelmed’ by Covid cases; rapid antigen tests approved for use at home. Follow the latest updates live

1.18am BST

And here is the Queensland deputy leader Steven Miles’s take on Scott Morrison’s Father’s Day trip.

The deputy premier scathing on the PM as well:

“To be quite frank, I’m less concerned about where the prime minister spends his weekends and more concerned with where he’s sending the vaccines.”

1.10am BST

Here is controversial MP, former Liberal party member and anti-lockdown advocate Craig Kelly’s take on Scott Morrison’s Father’s Day trip to NSW.

DISGUSTING double standards by Morrison

While we were locked up & COULDN’T travel for Father’s Day, Morrison travels for Father’s Day


COMPLETELY out of touch

CAN’T trust Morrison

CAN’T trust the Libs#VoteOUTLiberals

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