Australia news live: AMA demands Scott Morrison reverse India travel ban

Cricketer Michael Slater adds to voices condemning ban after chief medical officer Paul Kelly warns it could cause the deaths of Australians overseas. Follow live

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Dr Omar Khorshid, president of the Australian Medical Association, is giving a press conference now, repeating his call for the government to immediately withdraw its threat to jail or fine anyone returning to Australia from India.

Khorshid slammed the government’s measures, saying it was an overreaction and a “slap in the face” for Australians seeking to return home.

I actually think this move is not necessarily heartless or callous but an overreach, an overreaction by the government, and possibly an overreaction due to the media pressure around the loopholes with returning cricketers from India.

Our point is it is unnecessary, a slap in the face for Australians after they were asking for help. Instead they feel as though been pushed away.

We believe that there is a clear way forward here. We need to fix the issues of the government have now confirmed are occurring on hotel quarantine to make hotel quarantine as safe as possible to make it fit for purpose so that we can bring Australians home from all over the world without the risk of the virus getting into the community.

In the longer term, there is also the need to replace hotel quarantine with purpose-built facilities and I’ve had a conversation with the minister for health expressing the view today. And I will continue the fight for that.

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The Victorian government has announced that Rowena Orr QC will be the state’s new solicitor general.

Orr will take up the role of the state’s most senior legal adviser and advocate after a 20-year career as a barrister, which included several milestones such acting as senior counsel assisting the commissioner in the banking royal commission in 2018-19.

Rowena Orr’s impressive career is testament to her tireless work ethic, relentless drive and dedication to justice – attributes that will serve her well as Victoria’s next solicitor general.

We’re privileged to have the benefit of Ms Orr’s breadth of experience and legal ability to advise and guide the government on important matters.

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