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Australia news live: national cabinet to meet twice a week to get coronavirus vaccine rollout back on track

Well, as you’ll remember we set up an expert panel to look at what vaccines we should be using here in Australia and to enter into the contracts and we also took that decision to make sure that we could have domestic production here of AstraZeneca.

So we will continue to work through what vaccines we need, contracting those vaccines and one of the key things that I’ll be doing on my trip is making sure that where contracts are entered into, all countries understand how important it is that those contracts can be honoured because not only is it important for Australia in terms of planning the vaccine rollout here, but critically important for our region, especially countries like Papua New Guinea where the situation is fraught at the moment.

I had a phone call from my New Zealand counterpart yesterday and he’s asked me to also use New Zealand’s name in pressing the case against export restrictions being used because they can disrupt planning right across the globe of the vaccine rollout.

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