Australia news live update: masks compulsory on Sydney public transport after new NSW Covid case, Victoria records one new infection

In relation to what we are recommending people do in the next few days, we want everybody in greater Sydney and for the purposes of this particular outbreak or number of cases, we are excluding, not including the Central Coast, there were Illawara or Wollongong.

When we are saying greater Sydney we are sticking to the geographic definition. For the next five days we want everybody to wear masks on public transport to make sure that if the virus is circulating it doesn’t spread on public transport.

In relation to people who are currently deemed to be casual contacts, if you attended a venue which is on the health list, we strongly recommend that you don’t go away anywhere. Because if health updates that to a close contacts you will have to come back and isolate.

So we are strongly recommending that if you are a casual contact that you not travel in the next little while and make sure you follow the health advice in relation to the venue you visited. In relation to mask wearing, we are recommending that in all indoor venues in greater Sydney, and is again strictly greater Sydney excluding Illawara, Central Coast and Wollongong.

If you go to an indoor venue you wear a mask, whether it is a cinema, hospitality or front-line hospitality workers. It is not compulsory but we are recommending that especially if you cannot guarantee social distancing especially in those places around the eastern suburbs.

We know the virus has the potential to have been circulating in eastern Sydney in particular. So again we send out a message to say unless you absolutely have to do our strong preference is that you do not engage in any activity unless you absolutely have to do, especially in those eastern is a communities, especially in proximity to those venues that have been identified.

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