Australia news live update: NSW braces for widespread flooding; Victoria Covid cases still high; Morrison defends EV policy amid backlash

He can’t even get the support of his own side at this stage! That’s what the reports in the papers say. Look, we haven’t seen any legislation but this is an announcement in search of policy.

Once again. This is a government which yesterday was announcing half a billion dollars of new government money which today is saying, “we want less government”. Which is it?

This is a government that says they support carbon capture and storage and they need funds for it but they abolish more than $500 million for that when they came into office.

This is a government that doesn’t trust business and markets, that keeps intervening. You’ve had a $600 million intervention to build a gas-fired power plant in Currie Currie. Interventions from the government to have studies for the people who are building a coal-fired power plant, or want to in North Queensland.

The contradictions are there from day-to-day. By the time we get back to parliament, this policy will have changed five or six times.

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