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Hydrogen produced by fossil fuels is more expensive, will release more greenhouse gas emissions and comes with a greater risk of creating stranded assets, according to new research from the Australian National University.

In the paper, published in the peer-reviewed engineering journal Applied Energy, researchers compared the emissions and financial cost of producing hydrogen using fossil fuels or renewable energy.

“Blue hydrogen” is produced using natural gas while “green hydrogen” is made by running an electric current through water using an electrolyser powered by renewable energy such as wind or solar.

“Clean hydrogen” is the term used for when carbon capture and storage is used to capture carbon dioxide emissions during the production process, similar to proposals for “clean coal”.

You can read the full report below:

NSW records three Covid-19 deaths


Brittany Higgins sexual assault case to be heard June

The man accused of raping Brittany Higgins, Bruce Lehrmann, will stand trial in June 2022, with a tentative date of 6 June set for a three- to four-week trial.

Lehrmann is pleading not guilty to one charge of sexual intercourse without consent and denies any form of sexual activity took place.

ACT director of public prosecutions Shane Drumgold will also hold a criminal case conference with Lehrmann’s legal team on 7 February, a process that aims to reduce the issues at dispute at trial.

The ACT supreme court held a directions hearing on Thursday, at which Drumgold asked for a trial date and indicated there was “not a lot of benefit” to the pre-trial conference.

But registrar Reece said the practice was to hold a conference for all criminal matters. Drumgold and Lehrmann’s lawyer, Warwick Korn, then agreed to hold one.

The matter has been listed for further mentions on 16 December and 28 February. Reece extended Lehrmann’s bail to 7 February. Lehrmann was present in court only via audio and was silent throughout the hearing.

The matter was listed for trial as a “special fixture” (indicating a trial of more than a week’s length) to begin on 6 June. Drumgold indicated that the prosecution case will take two weeks.



NSW records 262 new Covid-19 cases

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