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Australia news live update: record 1,763 Covid cases, four deaths in Victoria; NSW reports 608 cases, seven deaths with Perrottet confirmed as premier

The PM’s comments this morning that the NSW Icac assumes guilt before an investigation are patently wrong and are designed to justify his pathetically weak proposal for a toothless body that wouldn’t have applied to or stopped many of the scandals we’ve seen plaguing his government.

By contrast, the Greens’ bill to establish a strong, independent, effective national integrity commission allows for public hearings, retrospectivity and the ability to investigate anonymous tip-offs, balanced with appropriate safeguards and privacy provisions.

It passed the Senate more than two years ago – the PM just needs to bring it on for debate in the House and the Australian people could have a federal anti-corruption body in place by Christmas.

When parliament resumes, the Greens will attempt to force the PM’s hand by moving a concurrence motion, compelling the government to bring on my national integrity commission bill in the House of Representatives.

The PM needs to listen to the Australian people and get this done.

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