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Australia news live updates: NSW flood risk remains as rain eases; Ukraine’s Zelenskiy to address parliament; 21 Covid deaths

The evacuation order that was issued for the CBD of Lismore was issued in relation to the riverine flooding that was likely to occur on the Wilsons River, which was likely to lead to overtopping of the levy. That risk failed to eventuate and as the day went on, the river system came back and lowered. As a result, that risk no longer being present, we decided, in consultation with a number of people, including people locally, to remove the evacuation order and allow people to return to try and get on with the recovery effort.

That risk that was presented by the Wilsons River rising was no longer there.

As you heard, it took until yesterday morning before the levy actually overtopped due to the severe weather and the exceptional new rainfall that was not predicted at that point in time. As I said yesterday, we do not have the joy of hindsight when predicting whether or not to lift those warnings. At that point in time, it is my belief that that call was the right call to make.

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