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Australia news live updates: Scott Morrison says no ‘knee-jerk reactions’ to rising living costs in budget; industrial action for NSW paramedics

Naturally, we’ve got a job to do in terms of establishing the cabinet. That will be sworn in later in the week. But of course I’ve already asked for an immediate briefing with our state emergency coordinator, which is the police commissioner and our chief public health officer.

We’re moving into a different phase of the pandemic and I want to make sure that that transition is smooth, despite the fact we’ve got a change of government. But I also think that, as a newly elected premier, I’ve got a responsibility, a duty, to fully scrutinise all the reasons why South Australia is out of step with the rest of the nation on Covid restrictions.

I’m not averse to having our state being unique to other parts of the nation, but if that’s going to be the case, I want to have a crystal-clear understanding as to the reasons why, and then make sure the rest of the state understands those reasons as well.

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