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Australian politics live: Barnaby Joyce says Nationals ‘not chained to a script’ on net zero; Berejiklian Icac hearings begin in NSW

I hope not. We don’t suggest that. A lot of times – I have been through them all – the single desk debate, the ETS debate, the Telstra debate – well, I wasn’t there for the guns debate, but we all remember that.

And, you know, these are trying times and we think, for what my view is, the single desk debate would be pretty close, there would be a lot of people with strong ideas about regional Australia from people who didn’t live there.

And I think a reflection on that is probably the closest to what is happening now.

And because the Labor party say they’re all in, no questions asked. Well, hello, regional Australia, they’ve just said it, they really don’t give a toss what happens to you, they’re just going to go forward completely blind, legislate it, “Good luck and goodnight, Irene.” We’ll make sure that we don’t do that.

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