Average cost of residential care for older people up by €1,248 per patient

The weekly cost of caring for an older person in a care centre costs has increased by €24 per week, according to new data from the HSE

The average cost of care for older people living in care centres has increased, according to new data published by the HSE.

The figures were released as part of the HSE’s annual updated cost of providing care in its public residential care centres for older people.

In 2022, there is a minor increase in the average cost of care from €1,674 per week in 2021 to €1,698 per bed per week in 2022.

This 1.4% increase is influenced by pay increases provided under the Lansdowne Road Agreement (funded separately to NHSS funds allocated within the HSE Service Plan 2022).

These costs apply to the operating costs of providing care in these centres. They do not relate to the amount a person will pay towards their care under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Fair Deal).

It is acknowledged that there are variations in the cost of care across public centres as well as across private nursing homes, with public nursing homes generally having a higher cost of care.

Several factors contribute to these costs including reductions in the number of long-stay public beds to comply with health and safety, fire regulations and HIQA compliance with residential care standards, while fixed costs such as lighting, heating, maintenance costs have increased.

Public nursing homes generally have higher nurse staffing ratios in place than private nursing homes.

View or download the updated cost of care for public nursing homes here.

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