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Bad weather halts helicopters after woman ‘fell off rocks’

A search operation was launched after a man was seen running from a Gold Coast beach, where he reported a woman had been washed off the rocks and into the waves.

The man ran to a nearby surf club in Currumbin and alerted others that a woman had been washed into the sea near Elephant Rock around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

But when the police arrived, the man had already left the place.

“It appeared to have been in the surf, indicating that it may actually have been looking for this woman,” said Acting Superintendent Scott Knowles.

Knowles said police had limited knowledge about the man and woman, but had serious concerns for their well-being given the harsh weather conditions and how long they may have been in the surf.

Police continued to search for the woman on Currumbin beach.

He said police had been unable to deploy police and rescue helicopters because of the weather on Tuesday night.

“However, investigators on the scene did find some fishing gear on the rocks, so we are concerned that perhaps a female may have been washed up into the harsh surf conditions that exist right now,” he said.

“Given how much time has passed, we are looking at the tides and currents as well as the weather event to try to determine if it has emerged from the waves further up the beach.”

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