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Banksy’s New Anti-Racism Artwork Sets Fire To The American Flag

Banksy is making a powerful statement against systemic racism with his latest piece.

The British street artist on Saturday morning released a new painting of a shrine to an anonymous Black figure.

A lit candle has set the American flag on fire.

Scroll across to see the full picture:

Banksy explained in a statement accompanying the image how “at first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue.”

“But why would I do that?” he asked. “It’s not their problem. It’s mine.”

“People of colour are being failed by the system. The white system,” Banksy continued. “Like a broken pipe flooding the apartment of the people living downstairs. This faulty system is making their life a misery, but it’s not their job to fix it. They can’t — no-one will let them in the apartment upstairs.”

“This is a white problem,” Banksy concluded. “And if white people don’t fix it, someone will have to come upstairs and kick the door in.”

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