Best Nerf guns: Nerf Elite, Mega, Fortnite and Halo blasters

Few toys rival the foam-tipped firepower of the best Nerf guns when it comes to outdoor fun. Whether played with friends or against friendly foes, Nerf guns let you take up arms and unleash mayhem on the other team, safe in the knowledge that the only thing likely to be hurt in the ensuing fracas is your pride if your aim is off. That’s because Nerf projectiles take the form of foam-tipped darts, balls or discs; harmless missiles that are kind to skin and clothes.

Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes, with some surprisingly sophisticated designs and components including motors, stocks, speed loaders and even sights. Most of them have cool sci-fi designs too, so your kids can feel like they’re staring in one of the best space movies battling aliens.

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