Best of BS Opinion: India-China relations, the Covid curve, and more

The rising number of Covid-19 cases in India would delay the economic recovery. A new report by Crisil expects the Indian economy to contract by 5 per cent in the current financial year.

Clearly, the road to recovery will not be easy. Here is a summary of Business Standard pieces for the day.

The primary responsibility for containing Covid-19 now moves from the state to the society, notes our lead editorial Read here

It is important that the government strikes the right balance and protects the interest of all stakeholders. India must avoid labour market tensions at this stage, argues our second editorial Read here

We must reorient multilateralism towards chronic risks, to avoid the tragedies that might befall humankind, writes Arunabha Ghosh Read here

Economic weakness will affect India’s strategic position in South Asia, writes Anita Inder Singh Read here


“This is merely the beginning, the veritable first chapter of the losses small and medium businesses will suffer.”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

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